Who We Are

Crest is a Christian Church in the neighborhood behind UCR, close to the 215 and 60 intersection.  

We are a community of prodigals, misfits, artists and dreamers.  We are a house of mercy.

Anabaptist Roots

Crest is affiliated with the Brethren in Christ Church, a network of over 1,100 anabaptist communities around the world. The BIC church seeks to communicate the power and freedom of the gospel to a lost world, while at the same time maintaining its call to being radical, holy, & grace-filled disciples of Jesus Christ. For more information about the Brethren in Christ, visit their web site below.

Our Values

Engagement with God

We value finding inspiration from God that leads us to hope-filled, joyful living. One way we do this is through meaningful, interactive times of worship.

The Centrality of Jesus

We value biblical teaching and learning that shapes us into the character of Jesus.

The Faith Community

We value belonging to a family of believers who are welcoming, loving and full of grace.

Sacrificial Service

We value giving of what we have to meet the needs of others.

Diversity and Flexibility

We value a diverse Christian community that is continually open to fresh ways of living out our faith.

An Outward Orientation

We value a ministry orientation that moves us outward toward those outside the Kingdom of God that we might be salt and light in the world.


We value the fostering of a community that encourages openness, honesty, transparency and humility.

Reconciling and Restoring Relationships

We value reaching out to those who are hurting, suffering and lonely in order to provide a bridge that will lead them to a meaninful relationship with God and his people.