Advent Generosity #1

Crest is currently raising $1,000 for our ministry partners at Rebirth Homes.  Rebirth Homes exists to combat human trafficking through education/awareness and by providing a holistic healing program for survivors of human trafficking. They have two homes in Riverside County that provide a long-term (up to 24 months) residential program for women 18 years and older to heal. Click here to learn more

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Advent Generosity #2

We've stepped up our benevolent giving this year, and we'd like to finish strong.  We're providing Christmas gifts to UCR 'GUARDIAN SCHOLARS', students who have aged out of the foster care system and now attend University without much family support. We're also blessing some of the friends we have who are currently in homeless situations, and we're still assisting community members who have fallen on hard times. Consider joining us as we raise $1,000 to bolster our benevolence giving

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May 2020 Ephesians Challenge

We invite you to join us this month for a deep-dive into Paul's letter to the Ephesians.  

We believe that the scriptures are God-breathed and one of your best tools to grow spiritually, & we're confident that God will speak to you through this text.  The challenge does not have to be completed in 9 days,  but it will benefit you most if you complete it in as close to 9 days as possible. For every person who completes the challenge within the month of May, Crest will donate $20 to's global relief efforts (see the reason we're buying a goat below)  :)


DAY 3  (30 min +)

DAY 4  (30 min +)

DAY 5  (15 min- 1 hr)

  • PRAY: Open your Bible to Ephesians, and let passages that stand out to you inspire prayer (5-30 min)
  • DELIGHT:  Take a walk outside and enjoy God’s company

DAY 6  (30 min)

  • REFLECT on Paul’s prayer for the church in Ephesians 3:14-21
  • JOURNAL:  What is God teaching me these days? How is God inviting me to respond?

DAY 7  (10 min- 1 hr)

  • TEACH:  write a letter to someone that expresses God’s heart as revealed in Ephesians (you may choose to send it or not). Or, tell your kids about what God is saying through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Or, write out a Bible study outline. Etc... (10 min - 1 hr)

DAY 8  (45 min)

  • READ The Message translation with the following questions in mind (25 min)
  • DREAM:  As you read, ask yourself: “What does this all mean for our community at Crest ( or fill in your own church community here)?” “What would it look like if we were shaped by this?” “What role might God be asking ME to play in this transformative work?” Write your responses down.

DAY 9  (30 min)

  • SHARE:  Share what God is asking of you with a trusted friend. Ask the person to check on your progress later and be an encouragement to you.


If you finish this challenge before the end of May 2020, send us an email and we'll celebrate what God is teaching you by donating $20 on your behalf to's current campaign to provide goats to Lebanese families to help them move towards self-sufficiency (see below)



Crest is helping a family in Lebanon by gifting them a pregnant goat.  Throughout the Spring, we'll be collecting spare change at our Sunday gatherings and online donations in support of the peacemaking and relief work of MCC.


Why Are Goats So Great?

  • goats require less space & need less care than larger animals
  • goats produce higher priced milk
  • goats are twice as likely to give birth to twins than sheep
  • one goat can produce up to US $80 of milk in one month  
  • cost: $800 buys one pregnant goat & all its medicines and training for the family



We recently celebrated the advent season by raising funds for our local and global partners. Here is a video from our partners in Malawi, sharing the joy they're experiencing over the 7 new, custom wheelchairs we purchased!  Learn more about our ministry partners here...