Advent Conspiracy 2022

Advent Conspiracy is a global movement of churches and individuals who are conspiring against the pressures of consumerism and rediscovering a more beautiful way to celebrate the season of Christ’s birth.  We are re-evaluating the ways we normally celebrate Christmas and diverting our time, resources, and attention to the people & work Jesus delights in. 

This year, Crest is focusing our generosity towards orphans in Malawi, our benevolence work on behalf of those in need, and your neighbors. Click the tabs to learn more:

Join us in providing food, clothing, medical aid, education and grace-filled care to children who need it most.

Serving communities orphaned by the AIDS epidemic in Malawi, The Passion Center for Children seeks to meet both physical and spiritual needs in the name of Jesus. Watch the video, or you can learn more about our global partners at





Sponsor a child at the Advent Conspiracy table during a Crest Sunday gathering through Christmas.  OR, here are three children who have been waiting over a year to join the passion center:

Costa D. (Age 6) CostaPhoto.jpg

Costa is one of five children (Esther, Jessie, Shakira, Costa, and Idrine). In 2020, they lost their mother suddenly after giving birth to their sister, Idrine. The four older children now live with their grandparents, who rely solely on piece works for support and struggle to make ends meet.

Costa is very shy around others, but he loves to eat nsima and thelele (okra), and play football with his friend. He also loves to eat sweets and Kamba!

Days waiting; 716




Linley S. (Age 14) LinleyPhoto.jpg

Linley is the third child in a family of five children (Beauty, Alinafe, Brian, and George, and Wycliff, her nephew). Her father died in 2016, and her mother in 2018, leaving her eldest sister as the head of the household. Without an income, the family struggles to find food. Enrolling Linley and her family in the Child Headed Household program will allow them to receive the support they need by providing food and, most importantly, giving them the hope found in Jesus Christ alone.

Days Waiting: 554




Nixon (Age 19) NixonPhoto.jpg


*Greatest Need*

Nixon lost both parents, his mother died in 2008, and his father died the following year. Since then, Nixon and his three siblings have stayed with his grandmother.

Nixon's grandmother is elderly and struggles to provide for him and his siblings, and the family constantly experiences a shortage of food, clothing, and insufficient school support. Following the assessment Passion Center conducted, Nixon was accepted into the program to help him realize his dream. Nixon desires to become a teacher someday!

Days Waiting: 1,004


A Better Way | Spiritual Formation

Following Jesus is not just adopting a new belief system but actually a WAY of living we commit ourselves to. Over the next several weeks, we will invite you into the beautifully compelling alternative way of life we call discipleship, introducing spiritual practices along the way that will help form you into the person Jesus would be if he were you. 

In order to get the most out of this season, we invite you to engage in three specific ways: the teaching at our Sunday gatherings, the book we've selected on spiritual formation, and the spiritual practices packet located below

We invite you to journey with us!

Each Sunday we'll be introducing and exploring a different spiritual practice that will help you follow the way of Jesus. If you miss a week, catch up via our media page.

Great Church Challenge (pt 1)




“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

Container Supply Drive!

Crest is helping fill a shipping container with essential supplies and sending it to one of the poorest countries in the world.  After arriving, the container itself will be transformed into a classroom for education.  Here are the items we are collecting: 

    • Gently Used Children's Clothing
    • Gently Used Adult Clothing
    • Shoes
    • Accessories (Belts, jackets, socks, underwear, bras, etc)
    • Bedding (Blankets/duvets, bed sheets & covers)
    • Children's backpacks
    • Laptops for library
    • Color printer for library
    • Photocopier
    • Binding machine
    • Library office furniture
    • Bean Bag chairs
    • Rugs
    • Files
    • Scientific calculators
    • Mathematical instruments
    • Eraser boards/White boards (all sizes)
    • Pens, pencils, 30cm transparent rulers
    • Crayons
    • Hardcover exercise books
    • Big chess boards
    • Books & teaching resources: (Science [physics, biology, chemistry], Geography [big atlases, world maps], Mathematics [big compass, rulers, etc], Agriculture, Activity books, French, Fun reading) 
    • Portable sound system
  • Vitamins & Food Supplements: 

    • Whey Protein powder Mix Packets (26g protein strawberry or cookies & cream flavors)
    • Probiotic supplements
    • Mens one a day vitamins (Pro Edge)
    • Yeast Gard probiotic base (limited quantity)
    • Vitamin D3 (5000, 1000 IU)
    • Melaltonin (5mg limited quantity)
    • Liquid multivitamin (lemon flavor)
    • Vitamin C drops
    • Viatmin C tablets (500mg)
    • Multivitamins (adult) 
    • Folic acid (800mcg)
    • Complete multivitamin
    Wound Care and Skin Care
    • sterile gauzepads (3"x3")
    • sterile gauze pads (2"x2")
    • sterile antibacterial gauze pads (4"x4")
    • non adherent pad (3"x8")
    • non stick pads (2"x3" sensitive skin limited quantity)
    • non stick pads (3"x4")
    • non stick pads (1.5"x2")
    • non stick pads (3"x3")
    • Band aids (numerous sizes & types)
    • Wart Remover Kit
    • Toe and Nail area treament (limited quantity)
    • Lubricating Jelly (2oz tubes)
    • Preparation H hemorrhoidal cream
    • Preparation h suppositories
    • Sunscreen SPF 30 (3oz tubes)
    • povidone iodine scrub (large winged sponges)
    • povidone iodine liquid
    • povidone iodine swabsticks
    • triple antibiotic ointment
    • triple antibiotic ointment with pain relief
    • Deep Woods insect repellent towelettes
    • anti itch bite sticks (sodium bicarbonate-limited quantity)
    • alcohol prep pads
    • benzalkonium chloride wipes
    • athletes foot cream (antifungal)
    • clotrimazole cream
    • anti itch cream (pramoxine hydrochloride & menthol)
    • hydrocortisone cream
    • tubular retainer netting (for torso)
    • abdominal pads
    • mepitel film (4"x4.8")
    • cast and wound protector
    • medipore surgical tape (3" x 10yard)
    • finger protectors
    • unisolve adhesive remover wipe
    • sterile rolled gauze (various sizes)
    • moist cooling burn pads
    • hand sanitizer
    • hand sanizer wipes
    • paraffin gauze
    • Vaseline gauze
    • calamine lotion

    • cold pain reliever pack
    • ankle support for women
    • ace bandages (various sizes)
    • icy hot patch (limited quantity)
    • Scissors (limited quantity)

    Pain Relief
    • Muscle Rub pain Relieving cream Tubes
    • Mouth Sore Pain Relief
    • Low dose aspirin - 81 t
    • Naproxen (limited quantity)
    • ibuprofen
    • acetaminophen

    Stomach, Gastro, Indigestion
    • antacid tablets
    • antacid powder
    • lansoprazole
    • ranitidine (limited quantity)
    • gas relief (limited quantity)
    • loperimide (anti diarrheal) (limited quantity) (simethicone 125mg & 250mg)

    • pregnancy Tests
    • cystex for urinary pain relief
    • Tampons
    • Pre natal Vitamins

    Infants and Children
    • newborn infant caps
    • desitin diaper rash paste
    • Baby Chest Rub (pink blue stripe)
    • pedia lax suppositories
    • pedia lax chewable tablets
    • Childrens ready to use enema
    • infants gas relief (limited quantity)
    • baby teething gel
    • Zarbees baby cough syrup (limited quantity)
    • kids quick melt probiotic sticks (limited quantity)
    • similac sensitive powder milk (limited quantity)
    • nauzene for kids - liquid (limited quantity)
    • childrens allergy relief chewable tablets (birth - 12 months - one container)
    • childrens allergy relief liquid (limited quantity)
    • childrens allergy relief liquid (allegra) (Diphenhydramine HCL)
    • chidrens allergy relief ceterizine liquid (Diphenhydramine HCL)
    • childrens multi symptom cough syrup (fexofenadine HCL - limited quantity)
    • infants liquid motrin (limited quantity)
    • infants liquid acetaminophen
    • childrens ibuprofen liquid (limited quantity)
    • childrens acetaminophen liquid (limited quantity)
    • childrens ibuprofen liquid (limited quantity)
    • childrens chewable acetaminophen (limited quantity)
    • childrenss chewable ibuprofen (limited quantity)
    • obstetrical delivery kit (age 2 & up - limited quantity)
    • childrens antiacids (age 2 & up - limited quantity)
    • childrens chewable multi vitamins (jelly Beans)

    Lab Supplies
    • tourniquets
    • sterile surgical gloves
    • 100 percent cotton gloves
    • aprons (size 7)
    • 16 inch extra long nitrile exam gloves

    • disposable diapers for adults with incontinence (size medium)

    Personal Care
    • toothpaste
    • toothbrushes (limited quantity)

    Eye Care
    • lubricant gel eye drops
    • eye wash
    • visine totality (limited quantity)

    Cold and Cough/flu/allergy
    • Theraflu severe cold and cough
    • dayquil cold and flu
    • nightime cold and flu (powder)
    • Tussin DM Cough and Cold syrup
    • Airborne Immune Support Supplement
    • empty bottles for dispensing cough syrup
    • mucinex (limited quantity)
    • loratidine
    • fexofenadine (limited quantity)
    • sinus wash sytem with saline packets
    • saline nasal spray (Allegra generic)
    • Flonase Sensimist
    • cough drops
    • Allergy nasal spray

    • Degrees CelciusThermometer (limited quantity)
    • Automatic Blood pressure Machines (limited quantity)
    • scrubs (limited quantity)
  • Office Supplies

    • Laptop computers
    • Laptop bags
    • Photocopier machine
    • Printer
    • Office Desks
    • Office Chairs
    • Filing cabinets
    • Stapler machines
    • Printing papers (A4)
    • White Boards
    • Flip charts papers
    • Washable & Permanent markers
    • Writing pads
    • Writing pens
  • Sports Ministry Supplies

    • Soccer balls
    • Volleyballs
    • Soccer jerseys
    • Netball jerseys
    • Cleats
    • Basketball shoes
    • Bicycles (all ages)
    • Bicycle helmets (all sizes)
    • Medals for Passion Cup
    • Trophies for competetions
    • Sport jerseys - short & shirts
    • Portable PA sound system (for large outreaches)
  • Champions Club Supplies

    • Wheel chairs - child size & adult sizes
    • Walkers - child size & adult sizes
    • Crutches
    • Therapy balls
    • PhysioTherapy equipments
    • Jolly jumper (free standing, not one attached to a door)
    • Big kid diapers
    • Youthpants diapers
    • Kids toys
    • Gator - John Deere Utility Vehicle type
    • Gator spare tyres (14 inch)
    • Music equipment: Guitars (lead and base), keyboard, set of drums, microphones

Fish for the Future

COVID-driven urban shutdowns in Cambodia have pushed many unemployed workers back to their rural hometowns – meaning there are more mouths to feed in small villages.  Crest is partnering with MCC to boost food production for rural communities by helping families build fish ponds near their homes.  $350 builds a fishpond; $20 stocks it with fish. 

Raised to date: $1,816.53 (updated 7/2/21 at 2pm)

All donations will be matched!

GIVE HERE and designate your Gift to "MCC - Fish for the Future" 

Previous Campaigns & Initiatives...

Survivors of Human Trafficking (Local)

Crest raised $1,000 for our ministry partners at Rebirth Homes.  Rebirth Homes exists to combat human trafficking through education/awareness and by providing a holistic healing program for survivors of human trafficking. They have two homes in Riverside County that provide a long-term (up to 24 months) residential program for women 18 years and older to heal. Click here to learn more

Foster Youth (Local)

We provided Christmas gifts to UCR 'GUARDIAN SCHOLARS', students who have aged out of the foster care system and now attend University without much family support. We also got to bless some of the friends we have who are currently in homeless situations, and we're still assisting community members who have fallen on hard times. Consider joining us as we grow our benevolence giving

May 2020 Ephesians Challenge

We invite you to join us this month for a deep-dive into Paul's letter to the Ephesians.  

We believe that the scriptures are God-breathed and one of your best tools to grow spiritually, & we're confident that God will speak to you through this text.  The challenge does not have to be completed in 9 days,  but it will benefit you most if you complete it in as close to 9 days as possible. For every person who completes the challenge within the month of May, Crest will donate $20 to's global relief efforts (see the reason we're buying a goat below)  :)


DAY 3  (30 min +)

DAY 4  (30 min +)

DAY 5  (15 min- 1 hr)

  • PRAY: Open your Bible to Ephesians, and let passages that stand out to you inspire prayer (5-30 min)
  • DELIGHT:  Take a walk outside and enjoy God’s company

DAY 6  (30 min)

  • REFLECT on Paul’s prayer for the church in Ephesians 3:14-21
  • JOURNAL:  What is God teaching me these days? How is God inviting me to respond?

DAY 7  (10 min- 1 hr)

  • TEACH:  write a letter to someone that expresses God’s heart as revealed in Ephesians (you may choose to send it or not). Or, tell your kids about what God is saying through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Or, write out a Bible study outline. Etc... (10 min - 1 hr)

DAY 8  (45 min)

  • READ The Message translation with the following questions in mind (25 min)
  • DREAM:  As you read, ask yourself: “What does this all mean for our community at Crest ( or fill in your own church community here)?” “What would it look like if we were shaped by this?” “What role might God be asking ME to play in this transformative work?” Write your responses down.

DAY 9  (30 min)

  • SHARE:  Share what God is asking of you with a trusted friend. Ask the person to check on your progress later and be an encouragement to you.


If you finish this challenge before the end of May 2020, send us an email and we'll celebrate what God is teaching you by donating $20 on your behalf to's current campaign to provide goats to Lebanese families to help them move towards self-sufficiency (see below)



Crest was able to help a family in Lebanon by gifting them a pregnant goat.  Throughout the Spring, we collected spare change at our Sunday gatherings and online donations in support of the peacemaking and relief work of MCC.


Why Are Goats So Great?

  • goats require less space & need less care than larger animals
  • goats produce higher priced milk
  • goats are twice as likely to give birth to twins than sheep
  • one goat can produce up to US $80 of milk in one month  
  • cost: $800 buys one pregnant goat & all its medicines and training for the family


We recently celebrated the advent season by raising funds for our local and global partners. Here is a video from our partners in Malawi, sharing the joy they're experiencing over the 7 new, custom wheelchairs we purchased!  Learn more about our ministry partners here...